The “One-Two Punch” of Education and Jobs Offered at Boxing Club Career Fair


Taking a swing at unemployment, one could say it was a "one-two punch" at Victory Boxing Club in South Omaha Friday night, aiming to "knock out" the problem through both education and jobs.

The handshake with a potential employer is a move as crucial and important to a successful career as is the jab to boxing. Followed by the business card exchange, it made for a winning combo for college freshman Gach Rom.

School right now is in Grand Island but he's familiar with what it's like when life takes people down the wrong path in Omaha. "It is just an opening for anyone that wants to, you know, make it out of, out of a situation that they may feel like is fitness not for them, they feel like they need to get out and spread their wings, this is the perfect opportunity," Rom said.

"I don't think there is a better analogy or metaphor of saying you get knocked down and you get back up again," Tony Aguilera with UPS said.

With 25 career and education organizations represented at the career and education fair, including UPS and Bellevue University, the goal remained to provide opportunity for the community. Especially for those who normally box at Victory.

"We tell our boxers, everybody wants to be a world champion but we tell them that there is such a small amount that will be a world champion - very, very small amount. You have to have education, you have to have a job," Head Boxing Coach John Determan said.

Like Juan Martinez, a Victory Boxing alum, looking to make that transition into full time employment. "The dedication part taught me to - when you do find a job, stay dedicated. When I was boxing I came on time, I showed up every day when they were open and I stayed and I stayed and I trained my hardest," Martinez said.

It was the first time for both a college and career fair to be hosted in Victory Boxing Club. Organizers say they hope to make it an annual event and to continue the tradition of empowering not only boxers but powerful community members as well.

The doors were open from 5 to 8 o'clock Friday evening. Victory Boxing is getting ready womens vests to celebrate its 10 year anniversary for which, they're planning to host a 15-match boxing show during Cinco de Mayo.

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